Project T Long Sleeve

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Introducing the Project T cotton Long Sleeve in Black/Teal. The latest Project release features Project design printed front center, large Icon logo's printed on the back and arm sleeves.

100 long sleeve practice jerseys were made. These are made from heavy-duty cotton that was selected to hold up over time. We are releasing 80 of the shirts to the public. The remaining 20 are going to friends and pro players for marketing purposes.


Each shirt is individually numbered (1-100) on the inside front of the shirt. Designed so you could flip up the shirt while wearing it and show someone. This is the COA of the jersey.

We appreciate your support on this. Our vision is to make limited-run products that retain/increase value over time. Our intentions are to make the correct decisions to protect our customer's investments in our products.
Thanks for everything and for coming on this journey with us!